Southwest Christian High School Builds Campus in Chaska

As Southwest Christian High School moves into its new space, administrators focus on what made the school strong at its beginning.
Dan Beckering, head of Southwest Christian High School, tours the new space, which will be ready when school starts September 4.

After years of operating from a temporary home in an industrial park, Southwest Christian High School has found its permanent home in Chaska. Phase One of the private high school’s new 29-acres campus will be ready for students when school starts September 4. With lots of natural light, a large media center with a cozy fireplace, a full gym with capacity to seat 585 and a big commons area, the school, which enrolls students in grades 9-12, will be able to serve up to 350 students. The entire 64,000 square-foot facility is wireless, and the school will be launching an iPad pilot program, so all the classrooms can be computer labs.

While the school’s new environment will be outstanding, Dan Beckering, the head of school, says the core of the school—strong relationships, faith-based education and rigorous academics—will remain the same. “The intial founders who built the school always said ‘It’s not the box, it’s what’s happening in the box,’” Beckering says. “Now that God has blessed us with this beautiful school… It’s still going to be about what’s happening in the box.”

Learn more about Southwest Christian High School’s 10-year plan for the new campus, by visiting its website or calling 952.556.0040.