Gary Stevens’ Award-winning Photo

A patient dragonfly helped Gary Stevens snap this shot.


Eden Prairie photographer Gary Stevens was simply doing a favor when he captured this image. “I was asked by dear friends to photograph their extraordinary gardens,” Stevens says. The next thing he knew, this vibrant dragonfly was posing for him.

Stevens spotted the dragonfly as he was shooting the gardens. “Landing on a hosta bloom, I hoped it would allow me to capture a picture of it,” he says. The dragonfly stayed still for minutes, permitting Stevens to take this shot, a moment that he describes as almost magical.

It is Stevens’ philosophy that you can’t go looking for the perfect picture, but that often it comes to you. “Sometimes taking photos is a matter of being in the right place at the right time, being open to the possibilities presented to you,” says Stevens. On this July day near Eden Prairie’s Mitchell Lake, Stevens certainly was able to capture one of nature’s serendipitous moments.