Southwest Metro Photo Contest: “Bluff It,” by Lindsey Tinucci

An Eden Prairie resident captures the beauty of living near the Minnesota Valley.

Lindsey Tinucci’s “Bluff It” photo was taken above the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge in Eden Prairie during a walk in the late fall. “My husband and I love walking our dog up on the bluff because it is always so beautiful,” Tinucci says. “My husband got a nice camera for his birthday a few years back and so we always like to bring it to capture pictures of the sunsets, wildlife or just the beautiful scenery.  That night the light and the wind were just perfect for the shot.” 

Tinucci has loved taking photos for as long as she can remember, but she says it’s a lot more fun with the Canon EOS Rebel she’s been using. “I do love taking photos,” she says. “My favorite photos to take are ones of people and animals. Though living by the bluff has really gotten me into taking more pictures of the outdoors.” 


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