Deb Zeller’s entry into our annual photo contest

Photographer Deb Zeller found beauty in the details when capturing fleeting hoarfrost.
Victoria Resident Deb Zeller captures a winter morning in Minnesota.

One winter morning when Deb Zeller, of Victoria, woke to find hoarfrost covering the world, so she grabbed her camera to capture the serene landscape composed of blankets of white snow and white tree branches contrasted by the pure blue sky. She zipped up her warmest winter coat and slipped on heavy-duty boots to prepare her for an adventure through the woods and vineyards of Parley Lake in Waconia, capturing everything that caught her eye. Not only did Zeller look at the big picture as she captured her photos, but she focused in on the little details that are often times over-looked. Zeller narrowed in on the tiny hoarfrost crystals that all work together to make the beautiful big picture.