Victoria Designer Creates Grape Tape Wine Labels

Victoria's Jennifer Senescall invents Grape Tape.
Entrepreneur Jennifer Senescall turns wine bottles into gift packaging.

Jennifer Senescall wanted to pick up a bottle of wine for a wedding reception last summer, but she was disappointed when she had a hard time finding a bottle with a fitting label, so the mother of two with a full-time job as a hair stylist decided to add one more thing to her hefty to-do list: invent Grape Tape.

Senescall, who lives in Victoria, worked with a designer to come up with specialized labels that can be purchased at the liquor store and slapped on a bottle on the way to an event. Her 14 designs, which include birthday greetings, wedding wishes, thank yous and more, are available at liquor stores in Chanhassen, Burnsville, Edina and Excelsior. $3.99.