Jim Gilbert’s Wild Bird Store

A must-stop gift shop in Waconia.
Owner Pat Anderson creates colorful product arrangements at Jim Gilbert's Wild Bird Store in Waconia

Don’t let the name fool you: Jim Gilbert’s Wild Bird Store isn’t just for bird-lovers. The Waconia shop does carry plenty of products for birders, from books to seed, but it also has books and toys for babies and children, cozy throws and coffee mugs perfect for surviving Minnesota winters, tasty hostess gifts, unusual wedding presents and plenty of home goods.

Spread out through six rooms of a home built in the late 1800s, the shop is filled with eye-pleasing arrangements of products. Owner Pat Anderson, who bought the shop from Jim and Sandy Gilbert in 2004, seeks out local artists and authors to highlight and regularly goes to markets—with former owner Sandy—to search for unusual products to fill the store. “We really try to find things you don’t find everywhere,” Anderson says. “We love to love it, too.”

She also pays close attention to price points, stocking products in a variety of prices, which makes it easy—and affordable—to find a fun hostess gift or a something to jazz up your own home. But it’s not just the products that make this store so special, it’s also the cozy atmosphere; shopping trips never feel rushed. “It’s not always about selling the stuff,” Anderson says, adding that she likes to make a special connection with each customer.


Jim Gilbert’s Wild Bird Store, 48 Main St. W., Waconia; 952.442.2120