Last Glance: Gary Stevens’ Award-winning Dog Photo

Gary Stevens' dog, Miss Piper, is always ready for her close-up.
Gary Steven's pup, Miss Piper.

Animals aren’t always the best subjects for a photo. They’re driven by instinct, always moving from one activity to the next without pause. Yet Miss Piper is no ordinary dog.  She is a diva who loves the spotlight, and loves being photographed by her owner Gary Stevens. “When I get the camera out, she’s ready to pose,” says Stevens of his 12-year-old West Highland Terrier. Stevens considers himself very fortunate for having a dog that is so eager to contribute her talents to his work.

Photography has been a passion of Stevens’ for about 50 years now. He seeks out moments of wonder in the natural world and favors taking pictures of animals and nature. Some pictures are spontaneous, and some take about 25 tries to get it just right, as was the case with this particular shot. Piper is the subject of a calendar that Stevens compiles and sends to his friends as gifts.

Stevens says that photography will end up being his legacy, and it’s an art he wants to continue to share with his family and friends. He is captivated by capturing a moment in time and being able to relive it and pass it on to future generations. He is thankful to Piper for being an eager subject and is counting on her talent for many more calendars.