Eden Prairie Stress Relief

Local experts’ tips, tricks and techniques for juggling it all.
From left, Aiden, Karen, Liam, Solomon, Lilly, and Madeline Wolf.

Life can be chaotic, filled with jam-packed calendars, to-do lists, meeting agendas, meal plans and after-school activities. Health, wellness and even relationships can be thrown out of whack without proper attention to stress management during the tumult of daily living. For time-tested stress management techniques, we enlist advice from some experienced folks from the Southwest Metro.

Certified Executive Wellness Coach, Chere Bork, Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Patti Brown, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Lisa Bouta and blogger, mother, marathon runner, Karen Wolf weigh in with some best practices for coping with what life throws at you.

Illness can interfere with productivity, putting you behind schedule and causing stress. Chere Bork, who is also a registered dietician says, “When people are frequently sick, we might ask, what’s eating them. But, it may be what they’re eating. Always eat breakfast. Have protein at every meal. Shop around the edges of the grocery store. That’s where you’ll find the healthiest foods. The inner aisles are often stocked with processed foods that cause inflammation and other poor nutrition problems.”

Patti Brown agrees. “What most people eat isn’t even food in the natural sense. If you’re eating food with lots of additives, you may not feel well because you’re probably not well. Begin living a more de-toxed life by eating more natural, healthy foods.”

Karen Wolf has five children under 10 years old. For her family, mealtime is a priority. “To have a nightly family meal, spontaneity doesn’t work well. I make a weekly meal schedule so that each day I’m prepared for dinner. This may sound like it creates more stress. But it’s the opposite. Having everybody eating different foods at different times would be more chaotic. An added benefit of family meals is the bonding that occurs over dinner when everyone shares about his or her day. Avoiding quick meals on the fly gives our family an unwinding event to look forward to, a stress reprieve.”