Around Town

With the arrival of summer comes the firing up of grills, the application of sunscreen and the return of avid golfers to their beloved pristine greens.

Sampling new wines surrounded by beautiful scenery is definitely part of the charm of visiting Minnesota wineries, but local wine connoisseurs also savor learning about the stories behind the wine.

Matt Udermann knew he wanted a record-breaking something. He and his team, including his now-wife Krista, brainstormed a few ideas—world’s largest baseball, post-it note, license plate. But after Udermann found historic ties of mustaches in Chaska, the World’s Largest Mustache was created.

From the porous pavers in the parking lot to the rain gardens strategically placed throughout the site, the Nine Mile Creek Watershed’s new district headquarters showcases many ways that homeowners can manage storm water run-off.

Getting the royal treatment at a local salon can be nothing short of heaven on earth. From the cucumber water to the healing massages, there is a certain type of calm that rushes over you upon entering one of these establishments.

True Minnesotans embrace lake life even in the deep of winter. Make the most out of frozen lakes at a local ice fishing competition.

When Meg Hamann opened her online shop, The Freezing Squirrel, in December 2013, it was out of necessity. “I kept having ideas and made so much and didn’t know what to do with it all,” she explains.

I will spare you the unthinkable details of my rescued American Pit Bull Terrier’s first three years of life because I’ve learned that what Prim’s previous human asked her to do doesn’t define her present or her future.

“Dedicated” and “devoted” are two words Sarah Verdoorn uses to describe herself. But the words don’t vouch for her commitment as much as her long list of extracurricular activities do.

Leanna Cartwright’s Etsy shop, Sprinkly Baby, is the place to go for all things cute.