Animal Soap from Ma Belle Vie in Chaska

Bath time is more fun with glycerin soaps shaped like animals.
Chaska’s Wendy Harrington creates these adorable soaps in a variety of animal shapes.

There are all sorts of tricks for getting preschoolers to wash their hands, like directing them to put on their “bubble gloves” or singing the “ABCs” or “Happy Birthday” as they scrub, but our favorite soapy directive comes in the form of hedgehogs, rubber duckies and sea turtles from Chaska-based Ma Belle Vie.

Wendy Harrington, who started Ma Belle Vie about three years ago, was looking for a unique soap to sell for children when she landed on the idea of creating 3D, unscented glycerin soaps molded to look like animals. Harrington makes her own molds—a two-week process that usually involves sculpting the animals out of clay or plaster. Pick up a set of medium-sized animals for $6.50 or a set of 10 miniature animals for $7.99. Harrington has also created a line of bath and beauty products for grown-ups.

Check out Ma Belle Vie at their website or on Etsy.