For Teens, Trivial Questions Are a Good Thing!

If you see your kid race to the phone at the strike of 8 p.m., he or she is probably playing HQ Trivia. HQ is the latest trivia app to take the world by storm—this time with a unique twist. Rather than playing at your leisure, the questions only become available twice a day, with everyone around the country answering questions at the same time. Think of it as a modern Jeopardy! The allure partially comes from the promise of prize money after successfully answering the 12 questions offered, which HQ boasts as much as $25,000.


APPetizer: Teen Tenders Technology Tips

In this fast-paced world where cultural trends shift swiftly with time, it can be difficult for parents to relate with their children across their technological generation gap. Luke Igel recommends an app that invites parents into their children’s worlds. “I recommend Snapchat,” he says.  “Most kids are using it. It lets you send super quick and concise pictures and messages to your friends, and a new feature even updates you with your kids’ locations in real time.” Stop right there. That new element alone is enough to download Snapchat.

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