Tempting play stations for burgeoning chefs, mail carriers or market owners. Bouquets of art supplies. Stories cloaked in bright-colored jackets, ready for young hands to pluck them from the shelf.

Mike Tibbetts grew up in the English countryside, on the edge of a forest, with his older brother, woodland creatures and a steady diet of Winnie the Pooh and Beatrix Potter books to keep him company.

Imagine this: You’re 15 years old, and your schedule is jam-packed with horse shows, creative projects, volunteering for your favorite causes and hanging out with your best friends.

It’s perhaps fitting that Thomas Campion attends what The Washington Post voted the most challenging school in Minnesota. He certainly doesn’t shy away from the challenge of keeping busy.

One might not expect a team named Key Lime Cupcakes to be among the fiercest of competitors, but underestimating them would be a mistake. The Destination Imagination team from Eden Prairie took fifth place in May at the global finals in Knoxville, TN.

Meet our Prep Elite Class of 2016: Four local students who are already changing the world through simple kindness, creativity and an abundant amount of energy.

Waconia students are getting a little fresh—thanks to a grant, a garden and a gastronomically inspired director of nutritional services.

Hired in March, Sarah Cheesman may be the new kid at school, but she knows exactly where she’s going as the executive director at the Foundation for Eden Prairie Schools, a non-profit organization that supports public schools in Eden Prairie.

Young readers celebrated literacy at the annual Hooked on Books... And the Arts, Too! event on February 21 at Chanhassen High School.

Athletics and community service are two separate spheres for many people, but for Eden Prairie senior Blake Cashman, the two go hand in hand.