Chanhassen Artist Katie Trent Creates Custom Stained Glass and Mosaics

Artist Katie Trent with her Farm Up Close window mosaic.

About 15 years ago, Katie Trent found her artistic stride. She always had a crafty side, but once she tried working with glass in a community class, she was hooked.

A physical therapist by training but glass artist by hobby, Trent works with stained glass windows, window inserts and mosaics, incorporating them into the home in creative ways. In her own kitchen, she had cabinets made with glass doors to be replaced with stained glass pieces.

Trent has been commissioned for a variety of pieces, from entire stained glass windows to smaller mosaic pieces to be displayed on a plate stand. “That’s really been the fun part,” she says. “People have their own unique image of what they want.”

To make her stained glass pieces, Trent uses the “Tiffany technique.” She cuts pieces of glass and grinds them into the desired shapes, then adds copper foil around the glass and solders the glass and copper together.

A challenge of working with glass is having the color she wants. “Sometimes I’m jealous of painters,” she says, explaining that they can create unique colors while she buys the glass already colored.

But one of the biggest benefits is the satisfaction of artistic expression. “It was cool to find something to feel more expressive and feel like an artist,” she says.