Haute Flower Boutique Decorates for the Holidays in the Southwest Metro

A local flower boutique helps families prepare for the holidays.
The Larson family's cozy yet chic holiday decor,

With Christmas right around the corner, tinsel, blinking light and contrasting red and green ornaments are a common sight at department stores, shopping malls and everywhere in between. But for Carrie Larson of Eden Prairie, the standard decorating fare didn’t match the look and feel of her home.

So she turned to the professionals of Haute Flower Boutique to zero-in on the perfect scheme to add some holiday cheer without interfering with her family’s lifestyle or permanent décor.

With three children, a dog, and lots of entertaining on the calendar, Larson needed decorations that were durable, yet sophisticated, and transitional throughout the fall for events leading up to the holidays. Since their home already had a cozy, Vail-chic feel, she wanted to keep it warm but not too frilly. “I’m not a frill person, and I don’t like bows,” she says. Larson envisioned deep rich colors with interesting texture, but wanted to steer clear of the traditional velvet.

In stepped Bridget Connell and Marsha Hunt, co-owners of Haute Flower Boutique, who have been decorating homes for the holidays for the past 10 years.  “People have spent so much time and effort making their home lovely, so their décor should really be elevated to match their style of interior,” explains Connell. “To do a tree that married [Larson’s] sense of design and carried that through every element of her home was an exciting challenge for us.”

They started with an oversized Christmas tree in the entertaining room to balance out the space, and branched out from there, with lots of greenery, fresh floral décor and tablescaping, and a stairway rail wrapping. “They took elements of our home, like stone containers, and [spruced] them up for that holiday look,” Larson says. To help streamline Larson’s entertaining throughout the season, the designers created festive yet versatile centerpieces that could accommodate everything from Christmas dinner to a mid-autumn luncheon.

The designers found the perfect balance in the Larson home between elegant entertaining and family-friendly décor by introducing two trees to the home. Paired with the showpiece tree found in the main entertainment room, they often do a family tree downstairs “so you don’t loose that element of tradition … of your children helping decorate and that whole piece of the holidays,” explains Connell.

Larson loves that she has a place to hang her children’s handmade ornaments and Connell and Hunt have fun pulling the look together by integrating solid-color, larger ornaments with the family favorites.

Over the years, Connell and Hunt have worked with many different styles depending on the look and feel of their clients’ homes, and have enjoyed integrating various colors and textures to complement the existing décor. A few years ago, an art-deco style home offered a rich array of colors, such as bronze, peacock, sapphire blues, and even amethyst purples, which the team had fun pulling into a unique holiday look for the mantel.

This year, expect to see trees and homes decked out in popular metallics, such as champagne, bronze, and mercury glass silver. “It’s a neutral, luxury kind of look … a good balance of practicality and a little bit of glam,” says Hunt. The Larson home already works this scheme, points out Hunt, with the natural green, copper, bronze, and a touch of silver interspersed throughout. Adding layers of metallics is “an excellent way to update any holiday color scheme,” she adds.

Another popular trend is adding faux fur details, such as a winter throw over your sofa, a mink pillow, or even details on ornaments, stockings or wine bottle covers. “It gives a real lustrous, rich look to any holiday color scheme,” says Hunt.

Since decorating fashion often takes a cue from clothing fashion, it’s no surprise that lots of clients are excited to incorporate shades of neons, pops of orange, and even some peacock and sapphire into their holiday décor this season.